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Mission Statement

The Family Service Club is an organization dedicated to teaching children to serve by providing ideas, resources, and community.

My Story

Me and Everly

My name is Kellie (that’s me above with my daughter, Everly) and I love adverbs. Truly, I love adverbs. I don’t really know how to introduce myself except by mentioning my nerdiness. I’ve been teaching 9th and 10th grade English for 11 years, and it is a career that is never monotonous and (almost) always enjoyable. I love literature and grammar, and I enjoy attempting to pass along those passions. Along with being a teacher, I have an even cooler job: I am a mom. My son is four (pictured below with my handsome husband), and my daughter is 17 months. And while teaching has become like second nature, being a mom is really hard. Awesome, but really hard.


My desire to serve with my kids…

To be honest, one of my biggest struggles as a mom is guilt. And while I’ve been striving to stop myself from feeling guilt over things that aren’t really important (like being inept at organizing a successful art project), last year I felt guilt over something that is important. I felt like I wasn’t doing a good job teaching my children how to care for others. I’m not talking about sharing (although that is a tough one too), I mean I wanted (and still want) my kids to learn to serve the homeless, to show gratitude, and to realize that people outside of our home have needs that we can help them meet. I wanted to teach them to serve.

Unfortunately, I felt a bit paralyzed on this front. I was so caught up in our daily activities (including a seemingly never-ending season of potty training) that we just weren’t getting out there. Relishing the idea of a new year, I sat down to make some resolutions. One of my resolutions for 2015 is to do one service project each month with my family. I wanted to force myself to be intentional about this and to actually get out into our community and start loving people on purpose. I’m not an expert in teaching kids to serve by any means, but I do have a heart for it, and I think that’s a good start.

My resolution…

After making my resolution, I reached out to a local mom’s group that I’m a part of on Facebook to see if anyone else wanted to join in on the fun. The response I got was shocking! A couple hundred moms asked to be a part of the club—wow. I was really only expecting a handful of responses. I was (and still am) humbled and excited to be embarking on this journey with so many moms (most of whom I don’t even know). My goal with this resolution, with this blog, and with this club is just to share ideas and to encourage myself and others to get out there. To remind myself and my kids (and anyone else who cares to listen) to make time to show kindness. I don’t have a detailed plan for every aspect of the club, and that makes me a bit nervous, but I have a vision, and, step by step, I’m trying (with the help of my super-cool husband) to stay true to my original goal: to be intentional about serving with my kids.

I’d love for you to join us…

If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to join us. To come to service days with us, to do what we are doing wherever you are (this week we are bringing valentines to assisted-living homes), or to plan your own project and let our group know about it. Also, if you know anyone who might like to know about this, please share this page. If you live in Southern California, we’d love for you to join our local Facebook group. Even if you don’t live near by, you can follow us on Facebook.

I do love adverbs, but I love my kids even more. I hope that this initiative helps us to love well and to love often, and I hope you will join us. Thank you for taking time to read this, and let’s go love people on purpose.

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